European projects


Cap Digital is the coordinator of the “AI4Cities” ( European project starting in March 2021. The aim of this project is to launch experiments in European cities led by artificial intelligence start-ups aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the fields of mobility and energy.

The Vice-President has asked the Metropolis to be the partner local authority of Cap Digital for this European project and to host two experiments on its territory, mobilising the municipalities. The other partner authorities in Europe are: Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stavanger and Tallinn. The Metropolis will co-finance these experiments to the tune of €40,000 per project, i.e. 10% of the total cost of the projects (the remaining 90% being financed by the European Commission).

This project and funding will be integrated into the partnership agreement with Cap Digital.

This European project is an opportunity to provide acculturation and support around data and artificial intelligence for municipalities wishing to take part.

Programme Innovato’R

Innovato'R programme In 2019, the Metropolis launched the Digital Builders programme, an initiative aimed at bringing together a community of public agents mobilised to collectively develop digital public services on a metropolitan scale.

This initiative is part of the Innovato'R programme of the European Urbact network, which the Metropole of Greater Paris joined in 2018, alongside the cities of Cluj-Napoca, Murcia, Porto, Rotterdam, Turin and Veszprem. The programme aims to promote innovation dynamics within European administrations and communities and to allow the dissemination of good practices on these approaches.

It was inspired by the programme of the City of Turin, where two staff members organised a competition within the community to identify and develop innovative new projects internally. This call for contributions was open to all local authority staff and focused mainly on projects that would improve the internal workings of the municipality with a view to reducing the waste produced.

The Metropolis project focused on this idea of promoting the development of innovative solutions by the agents of the Metropolis' local authorities, gathered within the Digital Builders community.

URBACT and the Innovato'R programme have been of great help to the Metropolis in developing this programme. In addition to financial support for the various actions, Innovato'R has also made it possible to integrate public design methodologies into the construction of the Builders' programme (e.g. MVP - Minimum Value Product, implementation of user paths, etc.).

Moreover, participation in Innovato'R has also enabled the Metropolis to integrate a common calendar with six other European cities, punctuated by regular review periods during Transnational Meetings organised in each participating city. These shared experiences helped to structure the life of the project and to ensure its proper implementation. They have also created a community spirit between the different cities participating in the programme, allowing for the communication of feedback and good practice.